The Conquer Series

Men gathering regularly to pursue a battle plan for sexual purity

Do you have a battle plan for sexual purity?

Men, here is a question that ranks right up near the top of the “You’ve got to be kidding!” list:

“Do you have a battle plan to encourage yourself and other men when it comes to sexual purity?”

Harvest City is actively engaged in that fight through a strategy called the Conquer Series. The Conquer Series starts with 10 two-hour weekly meetings in a small group setting, where a first-class production DVD is watched accompanied by a study guide and discussion. There is also an option to carry on with your small group beyond those ten sessions for ongoing support and accountability.

Consider the Conquer Series for yourself or for someone you think could benefit from it. It's time to join forces with like-minded men to stand our ground and CONQUER!

Conquer Series trailer
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