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Introducing... Global Impact

As He was ending His time on Earth, Jesus gave the church one of its main reasons for being — the Great Commission. In it, Christ challenges us to take His message and live it out locally, regionally and “…to the remotest part of the earth” (Acts 1:8).

That’s why “Global Impact” has become the umbrella under which all of Harvest City’s missions activities are organized. It is not so much a stand-alone ministry as it is a church-wide coordination of outreach efforts. We have now added the tag slogan 'Together on Mission' to the Global Impact title!

Since 2007, using the Global Impact approach Harvest City has seen amazing increase in its passion for missions, its financial contributions and its effectiveness in mission fields around the world.

The Global Impact strategy is simple: Rather than scattering missions giving to every request that comes along, Harvest City forms strategic partnerships with particular missions workers locally, nationally and internationally. Prayer, hands-on support and financial resources are then focused on making those partners as fruitful as they can be.

It is a bold and far-reaching way of doing missions, yet intensely personal and relational. For example, one missionary partner had this to say about her experience with Global Impact:

 “We were made to feel more than welcome — accepted and loved, even spoilt. [Global Impact] has personally ministered to me more than words could say.”

Global Impact Celebration

Harvest City’s Global Impact Celebration (a.k.a. GIC), organized by the church’s Global Impact team, is the annual rallying point for our ongoing outreach endeavors. It’s a multi-day, life-changing cultural festival with something for everyone.

Here's more about this year's GIC....

2022 GIC theme graphic: "Origins" 2022 Global Impact Celebration Theme
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The Faith Commitment Offering (FCO) is taken up solely for the 2022-2023 Global Impact budget.

The FCO is open online NOW and will also take place in-person on GIC Sunday, May 1st at 9:15am. (Remember, that is a ONE SERVICE ONLY Sunday!)

Please prayerfully consider what you can give through a 1-time or monthly contribution. Click HERE for details and to donate.

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Global Impact Partnerships

Harvest City actively partners with numerous missions organizations in Regina and around the world. With those partners, we help meet a wide range of needs for a wide range of people – orphans, victims of the sex trade, indigenous evangelists, inner city youth, people with disabilities, and many others.

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Partner Updates


Here are links for helping displaced Ukrainians new to Regina:

Monthly Partner Update

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