International Partners

Harvest City's Global Focus partners beyond Canada, around the world

Africa Renewal Ministries – Uganda

Peter Kasirivu is a Pastor at Gaba Community Church near Kampala, Uganda. In 1990, he founded Africa Renewal Ministries, which focuses on spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through planting churches and starting and supporting schools, orphanages, and clinics. Peter also serves along with our own Pastor Dave Wells on the Leadership Council of LifeLinks, the family of churches to which Harvest City belongs.

The Allan Family – Zambia

Dwayne and Julie Allan, with their children Seth, Tekoa, Boston and Selah serve at Ebenezer Child Care Trust in Livingston, Zambia. Ebenezer is an orphanage, school and farm combined, creating a lifestyle and community that ministers to all aspects of its residents’ lives. The Allans’ background in pastoral, marriage and parenting ministry, and their passion for the orphaned and the vulnerable are making a huge difference in many lives!

Hidden People Ministry – Vietnam & South-East Asia

Doug & Kim Paradise lead Hidden People Ministries, a non-profit independent ministry based out of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A pioneer-type ministry, missionaries Doug & Kim Paradise are connected with LifeLinks International, who help plant and establish churches in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Nepal.

LifeLinks India

P. B. Thomas is the Apostolic Team leader of this network, which is referred to as LifeLinks India. This ministry is involved in equipping, planting and organizing churches in the pattern found in the New Testament. They also seek to serve our Savior by providing for the needs of the indigent and needy.

Pacific Mission Outreach – Marshall Islands

Florence (Flo) Sasser is very actively involved with Marshallese Christians in the Islands and the U.S. Through prayer, training and equipping leaders, and preaching/teaching, this ministry is furthering the gospel by taking it to the 4/14 window and beyond. One of their major activities is ongoing translation of discipleship material for children and leaders.

Father's Heart Mobility

Francis Mugwanya is the founder and Director of this ministry that raises the esteem and capability of people with disabilities in Uganda. Knowing first-hand what it's like to crawl and be looked down upon, and how life-changing it is to be given a wheelchair, Francis founded Father's Heart Mobility in 2006. Since then over 11,000 people have been given the free gift of mobility and the hope of a better life through this ministry.