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Child & Youth Care Covenant

Please read this Covenant before continuing down to the REGISTRATION FORM below.

Harvest City Church believes in excellence in our entire Children’s & Youth Ministry Departments. It is always our endeavour to care for your young people to the best of our ability while they are entrusted to us. Their safety is our primary concern; precautions will be taken for their well-being and protection. However, we do assume responsibility for the care only when complete information regarding allergies, any other special needs, etc. is provided. That’s why we require you submit this form.

If your young one’s situation changes from week to week, please ensure that the changes are communicated directly to the Personnel in charge of the event they are attending (for example, their Sunday School teacher). At any time we reserve the right to not admit your young person into a children’s or youth event if there are signs of any communicable disease or sickness (e.g. colds), etc.

At Harvest City events that provide child care, children from newborn to age 5 must be dropped off by a parent/guardian and will only be released to a person authorized by a parent/guardian. We reserve the right to remove children who exhibit extreme or rebellious behavior that negatively impacts our ability to care for the group in its entirety. We appreciate you collecting your child(ren) immediately after the end of the meeting/event you’re attending.

Thank you for the privilege of assisting you and your family!


Registration Form


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