Learning Resources

Physical, online and electronic resources for growing in all areas of your life


A big passion of Harvest City Church is to help people learn and be equipped. That's why we provide the Harvest City library. We’re delighted to give access to current, relevant materials for Harvest City Church members and Harvest City Christian Academy teachers and students.

What's the most important book for every library? The Bible, God's Word to us humans. Our library has physical Bibles, but you may also be interested in a great free one for your phone. A couple we recommend are the The Bible App and Bible Hub.

The Harvest City library also has an abundance of other materials for study, Christian growth or leisure reading and viewing. Over 10,000 items — books, videos, CDs, kits and magazines for all ages are in the current collection.

We trust you and your family will enjoy our library and we’re always happy to consider requests for new items.

To be added as a borrower, just contact the librarian to arrange for a 5-minute orientation. Once you’re registered, the self-serve system allows you to access the library anytime the building is open. That includes, for your convenience, the time between services on Sunday mornings.

The Harvest City library’s many resources are sure to expand your mind, teach and entertain you!

RightNow Media Library

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To encourage our members to engage with God's Word, Harvest City Church subscribes to an extensive online video Bible study library called RightNow Media. There are 10,000+ discipleship videos for kids, youth and adults. You'll find many of the RightNow resources extremely valuable to you and your family.

You can view the videos from a TV, tablet, phone or computer... anytime... anywhere and it's FREE for attendees of Harvest City. If you're interested, click/tap  here  to go to our Subscriptions page.


Harvest City offers a variety of classes for spiritual growth, leadership training, parenting and other areas of interest. To find out more, click/tap  here  or use the "GET IN TOUCH" button below.