My Info Update

Stay up-to-date with Harvest City Church

Thank you for updating us! We all benefit when we keep each other in the loop.

Below you'll find how to update your and your household members' info in either our mobile app or a web browser.

Please note:

When you update your info as explained below, you will be asked to enter your mobile number or email address. That's part of logging you in to our secure Church Center.

How does logging in help?

  • Once logged in, you stay logged in and won't have to keep entering your name and email address (unless you log yourself out or don't access Church Center for 90 days or more).
  • If you already have a profile with us, then logging in means your info update goes directly into your existing profile.
  • If you're new, logging in provides the information you'll use for ongoing access.
  • When you log in, you can ensure accurate information not just for yourself, but your household members too.

Mobile App Instructions

Web Browser Instructions


Logging in using the card below automatically opens an "Update My Info" form. Using that form you can update your own profile as well as household members' information. Further instructions are at the top of the form.