Prophetic Team

Teaching, equipping and activating believers in the gift of prophecy

"...that all would prophesy..."

The prophetic ministry of Harvest City Church is to ignite purpose, hope, and identity through the gift of prophecy. We are passionate about teaching, equipping, and activating believers in the gift of prophecy and words of encouragement in the local church and beyond.

The heartbeat of prophetic ministry is anchored in 1 Corinthians 14 – “Eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy”. We use a team structure to accomplish this goal, meeting monthly.

Through the prophetic training you will learn the culture and specifics of prophetic ministry, where to begin, giving and receiving feedback, guidelines and accountability processes.

Receiving Prophetic Ministry

We invite you to come receive a word from our Harvest City prophetic team, typically on the third Sunday morning of the month. (Look for "Prophetic Ministry" on our Events page for more information.) We offer personal prophetic ministry on a drop-in, first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that the Prophetic Leadership Team requires that you allow 6 months between prophetic sessions in order to adequately process the word received.

Other Prophetic Ministry Opportunities

The Prophetic Team at Harvest City Church is committed to assisting local churches and network churches with prophetic ministry. Senior members of the prophetic team provide prophetic ministry to churches, youth groups, young adults groups, and life (cell/home) groups. They usually offer a short teaching on prophecy and how to receive prophetic ministry in advance of the prophetic ministry event. (This can be on a different day or just before the prophetic ministry). Typically, two or three prophetic people prophesy over individuals. In smaller groups, such as a life group, every person (who wants prophecy) will receive prophetic ministry. In larger groups, such as a church service or a youth group, the prophetic people will call forward individuals for whom they feel God is giving them a word. In all situations, the prophecies are always about strengthening, encouraging, and/or comforting the church.